Using a custom font on debut theme not working

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Hi there Shopify community,

I've been browsing through the various posts on here and tried the solutions in them but nothing seems to be working, I've spent 3-4 hours on this and have come to the end of my limited capabilities, any help would be greatly appreciated.

I don't have a theme.scss.liquid file, it's not in the debut theme of the shop I created. But this is what my theme.css file looks like:


As you can see I've added a few fonts and told the theme to use them, and the font does indeed change, but it changes to an odd serif font that I can't identify.

I've uploaded the fonts as assets and made sure to use the correct name:


When I inspect the HTML of my website the font name appears correctly and when I enable/disable it the font does change, but it's not the font I've uploaded. Here's an example:


And what the font should look like:


I thought that perhaps I had used the wrong font-family name so I tried using just "Overpass" to test it, and it's the exact same scenario, only the font-family name changes. When hovering over the font-family on inspection it even pops up and shows a preview, but it's not the right font.


I've tried to re-download from the font from Google Fonts and re-upload it and it's the same issue.

As I said, I'm really out of ideas, so any help would be greatly appreciated!

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Hey there,

To add custom font in your theme. Please click here

Hope this helps!

Let me know if any problem

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This is an accepted solution.

To anybody searching for this exact problem I found a solution, which is painfully simple and annoying that Shopify have chosen to do it the way they do.

Simply rename your theme.css to theme.css.liquid. That's it.