Using the Galleria theme, or or other themes, to show 3D models...what is a GLB file?

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Hello fellow Shopifytes!  I'm a noob at Shopify, having just setup my first website using the Supply theme.  ( if anyone wants to see what I have so far).  I'm a jeweler and want to show off my 3D CAD models as previews in addition to rendered pictures and finished product pictures.  I see that Supply cannot do this, but some paid themes can, and Galleria caught my eye.  Has anyone tried this with success?  I also want to link to Shapeways using their API, and I figured 3D model previews would help sell.  Plus videos too.


I also saw that the 3D model must be in a GLB format.  I've never heard of this format, and I've used quite a few file types for 3D work.  Anyone know how to convert a Rhino .3dm, STL, OBJ into this GLB format?

Thanks for any help!

from Nathan of CarvedMetal