Variant Price not updating - I tried other threads - still not working but it will show up correctly

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Hey There,

My Variant pricing is not updating on the product page. I are going to add a new vendor with 12000 new products and need to correct this issue as they have many sizes and price differences based on size. 

Here is my loop to show the price in product.liquid

<span class="sold_out">{% if variant.available == false %}{{ 'products.product.sold_out' | t }}{% endif %}</span>
<span itemprop="price" content="{{ variant.price | money_without_currency }}" class="{% if variant.compare_at_price > variant.price %}sale{% endif %}">
<span class="current_price product_name">
{% if variant.available %}
{% if variant.price > 0 %}
{{ variant.price | money }}
{% else %}
{{ settings.free_price_text }}
{% endif %}
{% endif %}


Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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There can be more in play than just the Liquid.  More  than likely you have a Javascript Error or missing the JS altogether.  Without a link no one can check that.


If its a default Free Shopify theme, with no heavy customization you could also send it up to theme support to take a look.