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Hi Guys

In my product page i have different variants and when a variant is out of stock it becomes un clickable.

Is there a way to display a back in soon message instead on the buy button when a variant is out of stock?

Webite page:

Password: Gorilla01!

Thanks for your help!

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Hi @Jcox1981 

If you want to show msg on out of stock variant then you have to deal with variant Callback js function. my be withing theme.js file..find if(variant) its you variant change function. 

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Hello @Jcox1981 ,

I see your website is under maintenance. But once you are back, you can try out ModeMagic App on Shopify to add badges to your store. 

You can also automate the badges on your store to make sure you don’t have to manually make these changes with coding. Once your product is not available in your store, an Out-of-Stock badge will automatically be applied to them. 

Dropping a 30-sec video on how to use ModeMagic Automation: 

You can use this link to download the app: LINK (It comes with a 14-Day Free Trial)

Do let me know if this works for you.

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