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I need to display vendor name on each collection page, but the option doesn't show up in customize. The options I have are product per page, rows per page, enable tag filtering, and enable collection sorting. No vendor name option like the tutorials show. How do I add it? I need this information displayed and it worked fine on the last template I used.

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If you want to add this option in collection page then you must know liquid code because you need to change in code to add vendor name option.

For that you have to hire developer if you can't.

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Pop theme uses a snippet named product-grid-item.liquid to show the products in the grid. That's the file you'll want to look at if you want to add the vendor. Depending on where you want it will determine the placement of the code as well. If you're a little versed in HTML it might be clear to you already by just looking at it. If you're not sure, search for "product_title" in that file and that should jump you to where the title is added to the page. With luck that gives you some direction.


As for showing product vendor, the code for that is usually {{ product.vendor }}.

For that theme I think it's {{ featured.vendor }}.


You may want to wrap it in a paragraph or dev (<p>your code</p> or <div>your code</div>). Either option may need some subtle styling tweaks but post back once your stuck.


If you're wanting to test, please do it in a theme copy just in case you break something.

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Thank you so much! I got it :-)