[Venture Theme] A Couple Slow Collections (Not All For Some Reason??)

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I recently updated my theme to the new Venture theme so that I could utilize the Dynamic Buy Button. 

I copied over all of my apps etc and then noticed my store was going semi slow. 

There was a few collections that were going EXTREMLY slow (about 4 that I noticed)

I reached out to a developer to speed up my store and they did seem to speed it up some. But the few collections did not speed up. 

When I reached out to shopify they mentinoed that they did notice some html/CSS errors that would be slowing it down and recommended that I have the developer look at it and post here in the forums. 

My developer was wanting me to switch to a new theme, but I felt like they were trying to upsell me on a new theme. 

I'd like to stick with my new theme and would like to figure out why they are going slow.

Has anyone experienced this, or have any idea on how I could figure out  exaclty what is going on to give a developer some direction on fixing it? 


I'd really appreciate some help.


Best Regards,


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Hi Aaron, 

Nick here from Shopify. 

Good question as a slow loading storefront can be both annoying for you and customers. I'm not sure why exactly this is happening, but I will give some tips/ advice on how to improve it.  Let's take a look at them below:

  • Shopify actually has a great blog article with 12 different ways to improve speed and performance which you can see here
  • There are some apps in the Shopify app store which can help with this also. 
  • Another alternative is to reach out to a Shopify Expert directly and have them inspect and double check anything for your store in the backend and make sure everything is running at a speed it should. The new small task aspect which you can find here means you can do this at a once off and have it be cost effective. You can see the list of small task experts from the link here

Hoping this helps and gives you some other options to improve this. 

All the best, Nick

Nick | Social Care @ Shopify
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I recognized that the venture theme is slower than other themes, too. Even if you don't use any apps it is still slower than debut or minimal theme. Can shopify fix it? Thank you in advance.