Venture Theme, Adding more sliders

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I wanted to add this because I know at some point, someone will seek the same answers I had,which is how to add more sliders to the theme "Venture" After a small bit of digging I found it to be quite simple, so lets jump right in (grab a cup of coffee)
First thing you need to do of course is go into online store / themes and select the theme you wish to edit, in this case Venture

click on Venture and at the top left menu select "more actions"
Select "edit code"
Under "sections" locate "slideshow.liquid"
Find the line "max_blocks": 4, (around line 96)
change the number to the desired number of slideshows, slick save and enjoy!

Simple enough huh? told you it was :)

~Frozen Head Distributing~
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Thank you :)