Venture Theme: Customize product title text

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Hello, I am using the Venture theme for my design. Although, I have had my new designers edit and customize it to fit my needs. I would like to edit my product title text and make it more customizable. Make parts of it bold, some part regular, some parts italic. Here is what I recently had them change.

The products were square and aligned next to each other. I had the team make them rectangle and aligned vertically on top of each other. I figured I could add more details without causing the image to change (Venture is a fluid?, Not sure what the technical term is called). I also figured I could add just a couple more details to the title. 

I realized that in the backend on the Shopify product edit page, the title edit section is limited in editing text formats. Is there a way to change that?

I'd like to read on frontend customer view like this. Then maybe get it centered. But lets focus on the text for now. ha. Thanks. 

Sport: Soccer
Where: Stagecoach Park (1/4 - 2/3)
Days: MON & WED
When: 11:30AM-12:30PM
Skill Level: Ages 4-6