[Venture Theme] How can I add products to cart from Homepage?

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Hi All - 


I'm currently building a Shopify page for my cousin's farm T&D Farms (www.tanddfarmsla.com, password 'nicewebsite')


I'm trying to create a feeling like a market for the website ie you can see all the produce from the homepage and add items to the cart from the home screen. I'm currently using product variants for my potatoes, onions, etc. 


I'm thinking that I need to separate each variant into its own product and then list them on the home page. Any suggestions?



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The simple way is to get an "Quick View" app, with an add to cart option.


The more complicated way is to add an add to cart button to all product cards on home/collection pages, then add Ajax functionality so you can add to cart whilst remaining on the same page. To do that you should read all of this:



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