Venture Theme and SCSS

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Hey Everybody -

I am working with a customer who has a store on ( built on the Venture Theme.  However, I see from this article that the the SCSS-formatted files (.scss.liquid) will be deprecated.  Specifically, one file I see in the Venture theme, theme.scss.liquid, needs to be updated to an equivalent css-file.

In the article Shopify indicates they are updating the free themes (Venture is a free theme).

There is discussion on the support groups about using an externa scsss-to-css converter and then making additional changes to the theme files, but is there a simple way of just upgrading the existing Venture theme?  I cannot tell, but has Shopify published a set of Venture Theme files that already use CSS instead of SCSS?

Thanks for all of your help!


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People on this forum have speculated that the Shopify programmers who are working on updating the free theme files are leaving Venture until last.
At the time of this post, Venture still contains theme.scss.liquid.