Want to add line breaks to product title on Pipeline Theme

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I am looking to add a line break to my product titles, for example I want the brand of my product on the top line, followed by the product name, for example:


Big Heart Tea Co.

Earl Grey


But I am unsure which code to use and where, anyone have any ideas? Thanks!

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Search for {{ product.title }} in product.liquid under Templates or under sections or maybe be it's under snippets depends on the structure of the theme you are using.

Once you find it replace it with 

{% assign title_array = product.title | split: ". " %}

{{ title_array .first }} <!--- this is first line of title -->

{{ title_array .last}} <!-- this is second line of html -->

Arrange code as you want in html and it will done.

Note: In above code I use (.) dot as a identifier to split the title, in any product if you don't have (.) dot it will not work.


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