Want to make some basic design changes in my store.

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Hey guys,

So i'm using the New Standard theme for my website (www.condomshop.pk) and i wanted to make a few changes to the design which the Theme Settings do not allow me to make. These changes are as follows:

Firstly, i want the phone number of my store to appear on the top right corner of every page, above where the 'Check out' link is present.

Secondly, on the 'products' page' i want to change the colour of the 'Add to Cart' logo (the + sign inside the circle). I also want to change the hovering colour.


I would really appreciate can help with the above changes.



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Just edit the theme.liquid file in the template editor and add your phone number where you would like it to appear. In the template editor css. styles you need to find the css class that your button is using and then change the background color and the :hover attribute for the class.
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