Way to Add/subtract charges at the product level?????

We offer gift certificates on our shop for various denominations.  I am having challenges on charging postage/handling for a specific product in combination with shipping charges.  We offer free shipping on an order
totaling $99 and above.


For example:

   Customer adds only a gift certificate to cart - then go to checkout:

    - If total is under $99 our basic shipping charge is added.  

            -  There is no need for this shipping charge, however, we should have ability to add postage/handling.

                Even if we just eat the postage (which we do), a shipping charge is still added.  This is not necessary.

    - We have to refund that overage to the customer after the fact.  


I have read in the 'community' where discount codes (automatic only) can be created at the product level.  However, they always deduct  from the total.  Would be nice if we could enter either a negative OR positive amount here. 


The automatic discount function would work wonderful here if I could have it 'add' to the order, not deduct.


Appreciate any suggestions that do not involve buying another plugin.  I did read that with Shopify Plus, you can add scripts at the product level.  Unfortunately, can't afford that yet.  


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please share a store url


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If you go to a menu item, you will see the gift certificate in the left sidebar.   It is also within a collection page.