Website design in serious need of revamp!

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Let me just say that I am awful at designing my website. It just looks unprofessional and I would like some help and input on what I should do? I would love to just pay to have it revamped and look great but I also don’t have tons of money to sink into it, please let me know what my options are!
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Share a link and I'll send some feedback!

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Hi there @Ambmclothing!


Don here from Shopify! :)


There are a few options open to you in terms of website design.


Firstly, and potentially the most costly option, you can look at hiring an Expert designer to help you redesign your store for you.


This would not be the cheapest option, but you would be paying for a quality, professional job so you may end up finding that the quality is worth the outlay.


Next, there are a lot of design workers and other freelancers offering paid customisation on sites like Fiverr.


Bear in mind though that this site is not in any way affiliated with Shopify and as such, we cannot vouch for the quality of work you would get there.


Finally, and possibly most affordably we do have a dedicated feedback on my store section of these forums where you can share a link to your store to get critical feedback from partners and fellow merchants.


It looks like our community is already chiming in to offer their support, that's great!


Hopefully, you will get more feedback here to work on, otherwise, you can consider the options above for your needs.


Are you just getting set up still or have you been selling a while and looking to re-brand or redesign?







Don | Social Care @ Shopify
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Thank you for the options! Yes I figured a professional website designer would be rather pricey so I haven’t really even looked into that yet.. I opened almost a year ago, started out with children’s clothing and have since changed to womens. I have tried myself to make my website look better but I cringe every time I look at it lol!
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Thank you so much! It’s

You’ll cringe lol

Hi @Ambmclothing 


I'm Jopeel from Shogun Page Builder. I was browsing through the forums and wanted to give some feedback on your store and redesign options since I haven't seen anyone give one yet. :)


User Experience:

  • Add a shipping policy page or create a Shipping & Returns page. This way, your customers have an idea of delivery times, which mail carriers are used, and what to expect with returns all on the same page.
  • Have your Facebook and Instagram page open in a new tab when clicked instead of directing customers away from your store. You want customers to have your store open in their browser to serve as a visual reminder and so they can quickly come back to it. Customers can get distracted on social media and forget what they were doing.



  • Your banner image, AMBM Clothing and Accessories, is not centered in desktop view. This could be due to the image size. Stretching the image to fit might fix this.
  • Add a logo as it helps with brand recognition.
  • Showcase some products such as your best sellers to grab customer's attention.

Product Page:

  • Add more product description beside the product specifications. Include descriptions that benefit your customers. Ex. "The Burgundy Tunic with Leopard Balloon Sleeves will make a great addition to your wardrobe. It pairs with almost everything, and its polyester material is wrinkle-resistant, which makes it perfect for travel!"
  • Include user reviews/testimonials.


Things to Consider:

  • Add more colors to your page to make it more lively such as links and buttons turning into a different color when hovered over. If you need help with color themes, head on over to Adobe Color for some ideas.
  • Add a blog and write some articles such as style guides. Blog articles help with SEO (Search Engine Optimization), which can help your store rank in search engines and also help your audience and potential customers find your store.

These are just a few things that I can think of at the moment, and I hope they help you when it comes to revamping your store. There are a lot of great web designers that can help you with the redesign, but they can be costly, as @Don has mentioned. 


Another option you can try is a page builder such as Shogun. You can save on the cost of hiring a designer by easily creating and editing your pages to your liking using an intuitive drag and drop interface, with no coding knowledge needed. Since not all of us have skills in designing web pages, we provide a library of 30+ pre-made page templates you can choose from! 


You can learn more about what Shogun has to offer by visiting our page. We also offer 24/7 support should you need assistance.


If you feel this is beneficial for you, we offer a free 10-day trial so you can try out Shogun and see if it's the solution you're looking for. If you decide it's not for you, you can uninstall the app and keep the pages you created or easily revert to the previous design of your pages.


If you have questions or need assistance with Shogun, please don't hesitate to reach out. We're more than happy to help! You can get in touch through our contact form or by email at


Have a great day! :)

Jopeel Quimpo | Support Specialist | Try Shogun Page Builder for Shopify for FREE!**