Website speed help?

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Per GTmetrix our fully loaded time page speed shows 28 seconds.  Way too slow.  Of course they have all these suggestions to fix it but I understand about 10% of it.  Wondering about getting some help fixing some of these issues?



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Hey @Gregory_Retter  I am working on page speed too these days 


and I also saw my GTmetrix ...  I am not a developer but it seems that main points they presented is something a user can not change  as we do not manage the shopify platform.


I had a conversation with a guy from support and what he suggested me was :

1. check apps I am not using and DELETE THEM

2. Review if you are to trying to present too many things on HOME PAGE ... as a lot of users can visit you there and should be the first quick impression

3.  IMAGES size ... can also add some precious time to page load


I did some changes but still not getting a good results on google pagespeed insight or GTMetrix ... but I will wait more 24 or 48 hours to check again 

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