Well I dont know much about Shopify Coding but I want to do MultiSelection sidebar in Impulse theme

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I am trying to do multiple selection sidebar in impulse theme but I can select the multiple tags but unable to run more than 1 selection for eg If I select X then X products come but if I select Y then I got a message Sorry no products in this collection but If I uncheck the X and select the Y then Y products Come .. So I want to do Multiselection in this so I can select multiple Tags and selected tags products filter and show on the screen 



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Hello @Vikrant7577 

The native Shopify filter and built-in filter in almost themes only allow single selection. You can try a 3rd party app to have the multi filter selection of the same type. The Collection filter & Search bar supports all Shopify theme including the Impulse. https://usf-vertical.myshopify.com/