What is {{ product | json }} doing in product-template.liquid - structured data?

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At the bottom of the product-template.liquid, there's this piece of code {{ product | json }} . The result in the site source looks like that:

<script type="application/json" id="ProductJson-product-template">
 {"id":4717658865763,"title":"Handpuppe Zauberer","handle":"kersa-handpuppe-zauberer-12600","description":"

...and continue with a lot more values. It seems that it's creating additional structured data. I already have structured data implemented by myself. So can I kick this "product json" out? There are weird issues with google happening, and I guess this might be the problem. The problem is, google takes images of the "recommended products" section on the bottom of the page instead of the correct product images. Right below that {{ product | json }} creating these "Structured data" in my site source, there is the "product recommendation" section. So this is why I guess there is a connection between these issues.

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I have seen at least one Shopify App that uses that JSON block in it's logic (via a ScriptTag) - though it does appear to not rely on it's existance.

I arrived on this page with the same question as you as I was hoping to use it for my app.