What's the difference between these two itemprop="price" Schema markup's?

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Can anyone tell me, in terms of the following two itemprop="price" Schema markup's, what is the difference?


<meta itemprop="price" content="{{ product.variants.first.price | money_without_currency }}">


<meta itemprop="price" content="{{ product.variants.first.price | divided_by: 100.00 }}">


Is there any difference?

Is the 2nd one a more contemporary way of doing it?


I have been using the former version for a while, however I am just now building out new look using the free Shopify 'Narrative' theme which uses the latter version of the two shown above. Naturally I am interested to know why.


Thank you in advance.





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This is an accepted solution.

they are actually output the same result, just the version with money_without currency is not trailing zeros, also it is safer to use the second method because depending on theme settings, the first version can output different result.

so, if the price of the product is $9.5 in dashboard.

the price, without any filter will be like this. 950 -  in cents.

using the money_without_currency filter it will output 9.50

Also we have another filter money_without_trailing_zeros, which will do trail zeros as wel.


Using the divided_by: 100 filter it will output 9.5 - trailing the zeros.

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