What stack do you use for Shopify Theme Development? (Visual)

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For a pretty big subscription-based project I'm currently looking for options to create our own Shopify Theme. I am quite well-versed in UI/UX development and I wanted to start by creating my design in Figma, however I know very little programming - especially in Liquid.

As of today I found this stack to be one of the most promising to keep costs down.
UI/UX Design in Figma > Web Design in Webflow > Udesly adapter to adapt Webflow to Shopify

Does any of you have experience with this workflow, or knows a better 'visual-oriented' workflow?

Also, my research showed that all themes must have a set list of pages to work (index, cart, blog, default, collection, product, etc.)
Do you know if there is any Figma resource available with those pages/elements already outlined to base my UX/UI development on?