Where is My index.liquid HTML Code?

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I am trying to change an H1 tag to H2 on my homepage because there are 2 H1s. When I go to Edit Code > Templates > index.liquid all I see is this.

There is no corresponding files in the "Sections" section as there are with other .liquid templates. 

All the code in mu index.liq fileAll the code in mu index.liq file

If I go to the Customize section I see this. Again, there is no access to edit the HTML here either. 

No access to HTML code in the Customize areaNo access to HTML code in the Customize area

I know the code has to be on the server somewhere. The site is there. 

Can anyone give me some guidance as to where to look in the HTML file catalog for my editable index.liquid code? 

Both shopify gurus and the theme creators were unable to point me in any direction. 


Jody K. Deane