Where is the code file for homepage?

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I wanna add a link to a collection title and "more" link at the bottom of the collection that is featured on the homepage. I cannot find the liquid file for the homepage. Please help me.

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Hi Sanghyeon!

Parker here form the guru team :)
Before we change anything, let's be sure to duplicate our theme by going to Online Store > Actions > Duplicate 
Because it's always good to have a backup!

In most of the Shopify themes, the liquid file that you'll be editing would be a Section
For example, in the Pop theme, you would click Online Store > Actions > Edit Code, choose Sections then edit whichever section you have displaying on your homepage. If you're using the Featured Collection, it would look like the below.

If you need help with what to put in that section to get that more link, let me know! If you're using a Shopify theme, we can open up a design ticket for your store and our theme support team could take a look into adding this for you. :)

If you're looking into the design of your site, I thought I would pass along this new blog post!
Design Psychology: 12 Ways to Convert Users into Buyers
Applying psychology to design is a powerful tool. Companies are increasingly studying how customers think and behave, and are tailoring their services accordingly.

Hopefully this helps! Please don't hesitate to reach out if you need anything further.

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I believe it's index.liquid

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That is correct.
But it references other resources:
shopify home.jpg

The lead goes to home-content.liquid in snippets