Where to set up my canonical balise ?

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I'm trying to get how to set up the canonical balise in my code.

I have some products on my shop that are duplicate content.

If I'm not wrong using a canonical tells Google which of the duplicate pages is the one to display on it's search engine.

So I'd like my 3 products A B C to point to A.

So if I got it right, I have to put this in the <head> of my A B C products code :

<link rel="canonical" href="myurlpointingtoA">


However all products on Shopify are referring to the "product.liquid" in the code.

On the first hand, I can't set up a specific link to (for example) the product B without changing it to the product D which I wouldn't want to change.

So for that I have the solution, I would create a particular product template for A B and C.


On the second hand, the <head> balise isn't in the product.liquid.

So I have no clue where to add my canonical balise.


Any idea ?

Don't ask for my shop URL, I would rather not communicate it.

Thanks in advance.