White Space nder Product Image in mobile after moving title above

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Hiya, so I read up on how (on each product page) to move the title and price above the main image, ONLY ON MOBILE. Got that done, looks great, but now on mobile there's a giant white space where the title was, and I'd like to remove it without messing up the way it looks on desktop. Anyone have ideas?


Also, while we're at it, I'd love to move the thumbnails to the top of the product image, again, only on mobile. I like the desktop version exactly the way it is, on both counts.

Thanks in advance!


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This is an accepted solution.


To remove space you can add the following code at the bottom of your assets/theme.scss.liquid file

@media only screen and (max-width: 749px){
.thumbnails-wrapper { margin: 0 2px 0px 2px !important; }


Hope this helps. As for the move thumbnails above the main image. For that, you have to move liquid.


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