Wholesale Code For Shopify Retail Page In Between Navigation Tab And Wholesale Page

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We have created a navigation tab on our RETAIL frontpage in Shopify and once you click on the navigation tab it will take you to the page (as all the other tabs in our frontpage do like HOME, CONTACT, NEWS, etc.)
However, we want to have a code in between the navigation tab and the page so that only customers with that code can have access to that page (and not have to build a whole other separate site. We don't mind that the wholesale customer can see our retail products since they are different from the wholesale. But, we don't want the retail customers who are not interested in wholesale to have access.)
The order would be like this:
1.- Navigation Tab
2.- Code
3.- Page
So that, once the customer clicks on The Navigation Tab he has to enter a code before he can see the page.
We have also created the code already and just need to know how to "add it" in between the 1.- Navigation Tab and the 3.- Page.
Thanks much in advance for your help!



Hi, we have slightly different solution for you


Essentially we can use a tag on the customer account say for example TRADE or waht ever you need  see here https://help.shopify.com/en/manual/customers/manage-customers#edit-a-customers-tags


When a customer is logged in with one of the tagged accounts, we can then display a completely different set of navigation to a completely different set of products and collections 


We can then add some simple code to product and collection templates, that you can assign to the products or collections that stops your normal customers having access to the collections and products 


If you fell this solution works for you let me know 









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Have you found an answer yet?  One that works for us is an app called Locksmith.  We use it to make our wholesale pages available only to wholesale customers.