Why are Shopify themes so expensive?


So, I've forked out $180 for another one of my businesses for the Startup Theme. It was basically just the Debut theme with a slider added to the main page. There is literally no additional functionality - I even had to use Shogun page builder to build beautiful pages like I wanted and expected to be able to do with a theme that cost me almost $200. Every time I messaged them to help me tweak something, they said it's out of their 'scope' and I should pay someone to write custom codes.


I've had businesses on Wordpress in the past and I'll say that Wordpress themes are insanely functional for a fraction of the cost of Shopify themes. Is there a reason for the poor themes and ridiculous costs on Shopify - perhaps not enough competition? 

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Hi @BigglyBoo 


WordPress is so old now that there are so many created themes and so many competitors that everyone is trying to stay competitive with the price.


In addition a big part of the internet is using WordPress, so the demand is high.


In comparison the E-Commerce demand is not so high and there are other alternatives to Shopify.


But the biggest drawback is that there is so much you can do with Shopify themes. WordPress allows to use plugins that can change the feel and look of a theme drastically, not to mention that you are allowed to use PHP there, so you can pretty much create what ever you want.


So if we return to Shopify we don't have access to the ruby code, we don't have access to the database, we don't have control over what is returned from the objects or to say it simple you rely only on Front-End coding which is kinda basic for creating different unique premium themes.


So when something is less and the demand is low the price is higher. 

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That makes sense. It's a shame though, compared to the functionality I'm used to with Wordpress themes, the Shopify themes seem so lacking and so not worth their price tag.

BigglyBoo | Cute socks, sandals, and shoes for cute babies.