Why when I set up a flat rate shipping fee, the price is different in checkout than what I entered?

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I don't really want to post my actual store, but.


That's my current shipping rates. When I go through the checkout process, the shipping has updated from the previous standard shipping rates to my 'flat rate' shipping rate, but. In my store's checkout, the price for the flat rate shipping is 7 dollars and change, but as you can see, I have flat rate shipping set to $9.99


I live in Canada, and my store's currency is set to USD. I haven't made a sale yet, so it's not 'locked in', but it is set up as USD.


It almost seems to me that the flat rate shipping is 9.99CAD, meaning that it would be around 7 dollars USD, like it is currently?


Is there a way to set it so that my shipping rates are in USD? Is this even a thing?


Thanks for reading.