Winterize your store with beautiful snowfall/rainfall effects!

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The snow effect in action:

The snowfall effect in action

The rain effect in action:

The rainfall effect in action


Winterize Your Store!

Easily add a beautiful snowfall or rainfall effect to your store, and set the right mood for your customers. Create the most amazing shopping experience and atmosphere in your store by adding a a living vibe to your store. Once installed, the app will add a unique effect of falling snow or rain to your store.

Fully Customizable

You can control the speed of the effect, the number of snowflakes/raindrops and wether the effect will appear store-wide or in the main page only.

One Click Installation and Universal Support

No code is required to show the effect in your store. It will magically appear in your store immediately after installation. The effect supports all Shopify themes and stores.


Main Features

  • Adds a beautiful snowfall or rainfall effect in your store
  • Control the speed of the snowfall / rainfall
  • Control the number of snowflakes/raindrops
  • Choose wether the effect will appear in the whole store or just in the main page
  • Super easy to use and to modify

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