a switch to display prices incl. VAT and excl. VAT

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Hello there,


we are planning to sell medical products in Germany. We want to channel our sales via one store that is usable for end users as well as businesses. In Germany, B2B shops display the prices without VAT (19%). B2C stores display them with the VAT included. The price that either one pays is the same. Businesses also pay the VAT. They get them refunded later however, so for businesses, prices should be displayed without VAT until they're at the checkout.

In summary, I need these two functions:

1. When accessing the store, there should be a "wall" that lets you select between these two options. Either as a popup or as a landing page (for example just like the age verification on certain sites)

2. When browsing the store, there should be a switch that is visible at all times that lets you change between the 2 price display options


Do I look for a theme that has this feature included? Or do I just look for a plugin that provides this?

No, I don't want to display both prices at the same time.

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Hello @dequsurg123 

No app needed for this thing It can be done by some customisation, You need to populate both the prices over there, But initially only one is visible Either With VAT or Without VAT which ever you want. Then it needs to add a button on click of that button price can be toggled.

Hope this will point you to right direction, You can contact me if you need any help with customisation. thanks!

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