adding a photo gallery/lookbook on my website

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Hi all, 

does anyone know how to add a photo gallery/lookbook to a page on my shopify store? I want to display my products in a minimalist way that looks good on the website.


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Hey, Tristan!

Katy here from Shopify. Thanks for posting!

There are a couple of ways that I am aware of which allow you to do this. ?

One option is via the pages and navigation sections in your Shopify admin. This allows you to feature a subset of your collections on a page. We have a guide which walks through each of the steps which includes visual representations of how it will appear too.

Alternatively, you may like to consider an app from our Shopify App store.
Here there are lots of great examples, to suit a varied budget and each come with a free trial period to allow you to test them out on your store.

Included in this option are some Instagram feed apps which you may also like to consider adding to your store too. 

While our community members may be able to chime in with what they find has worked best for them, I hope this helps to give you some inspiration.  



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Hey Tristan, 

You can also seek out apps like Lookbook for it. They have that easy plug and play way of letting you create image galleries/ lookbooks that can be added anywhere on your store. 

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Make it easily with Lookbook Apps. With this app, you can create shoppable image galleries in seconds

  • Lookbook easily works with pined attachment
  • Smooth lookbook slider
  • Direct Add to cart
  • Time-setting allows applying the time allowance to lookbook
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With the PickyStory app, you can use the gallery widget to display all the collections in a mosaic/tiled layout on one page. Clicking any of the images will open a popup showing the products it includes: