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Hi Guys - i am looking a add a function were you can click on a product and it will redirect you to another page. 


basically i have a build your own hamper company and want the visitor to be able to click on the hamper and then it direct them to a selection page so they can add the products they want in the hamper and then from this page it adds the selected to the cart. 


Does this make sense? all help appreciated




Hi @Andrewpicton,


As far as I understand, you want to list many products on a page. And when someone clicks on a product, they are redirected to a product page?

That sounds like a collection page.


Except the case if you want to display totally different images that direct people to a product page when they click on them. If that's the case, you can try PageFly. 


Basically, you can add an image gallery, then add links to each images. You can take a look at this tutorial series about how to build a collection page: Use your Shopify Collection Page to Collect Unique Visitors.



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