change the checkout button to enquiry button and receive emails from there

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Hi, I'm here as I've seen previous discussion about this... but i do not need the form contact...

I just need to change the checkout button to enquiry button and receive emails from there...

We need to convert some code to have customers select various products but instead of buying those items, they send us an email enquiry.

EG. customers can browse our items, select as many items as they want and instead of clicking "Checkout" they would click a button that says "Enquiry".

The items they selected would be displayed similar to a cart checkout and they could key in required quantities.

They instead of paying for the goods, they finish the transaction by submitting the enquiry request.

We would then get an email of the product list and quantities they are interested in.

Does anyone know how to do this??

We are using POP theme..

We do not want to pay as we are running low...

Please help us... I just need some code so that i'm able to do it....


Thanks in advance,


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@Surbhi_Singla You can do this by repupurposing a preorder customization and a contact form customization. 


I do customizations like this all the time, merchants needing this for their customers should contact me at

Provide storename,theme, and details of use case for pricing.

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I have a similar requirement with my store where instead of directing to the payment gateway on clicking 'Checkout', I want an inquiry form to be generated with the customer's listed cart items and sent to my email.

Later, I would revert another email invoicing the items and a payment link. This would help me confirm availability of the products from my suppliers.

Please let me know if this feature could be coded in my shopify store. I'm using the 'Supply' theme for my store.


Rakesh T.