click gift checkbox then add message in checkout shopify

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Please include a way for customers to write a gift note when checking out.  Please see the following examples for references for what it should look like.

• Under the shipping and billing information please put the text ‘Would you like to include a gift message?’ and then put a check box next to it
• If the customer clicks the check box there should then be field that appears that says ‘Gift Message’which the customer can fill out with text
• See attached for a reference (please note we do not want it like the below but as described above):

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Hi, Heena! 

There is definitely a way to enable this on your shop. Check out these instructions here:

It will add a "note" option with a generic label that you can change to say "Gift message" or whatever you prefer. The link above covers how to do that as well. 

I hope that helps! Let us know if you run into any trouble. - JP

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Hi Heena,

Our new App, GiftShip, helps solve this issue in-cart. From our App listing page you can take a look at some live stores to see how we achieve not only the ability to perform what you stated, but also to send items to different addresses from within the same order. Perfect for gift stores :)




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Hi Heena,


How did you go about getting that Free Gift Message box on your store?


Its exactly what im after too but cant find the way to get it on my shop

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Unless your on Plus, Carts are the only way to do it, basically by changing Cart notes.  If you are on PLUS, I can make this happen for you :)

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I am on plus. Can you help me with this?



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Hi there! I have set up a gift card as a product, but can't seem to figure out how to either get the note in the cart, nor add the specialized gift message elsewhere. Is there a way to do this? You mentioned you can, so I'd like to figure out how! Thank you!