customer notes

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I'm using Minimal theme. This is in regard to the NOTES message box.
I want the ability to connect with a customer, and have it in their order page, so it can be seen by them as well as myself if we need to look something up. (ie: time frame of an item back ordered, etc.)
Yes, I can update a customer with an email (but often they don't find the email timely, or they don't even read it), and I would like to have something on the order listing, that both they and I can see, if it needs to be reviewed. Which also gives me the ability to not let something drop thru the cracks on the email status....making the update viewable at any time. My last site with another web host, gave me the ability to do that, and my customers always relied on logging in to their account and seeing what the status of back orders, etc. were.
so, my 1st the customer able to read the notes I might insert in the NOTES from their end? and there a way to accomplish this if not?