customer to upload an image on product page

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My store allows for a customer to upload an image, which forms parts of the order. The store admin takes this image after the order is confirmed and uses it, as required.

For my implementation, I basically have an image form field I added to a liquid/template. I haven't added any other code after this.

Could you please confirm if Shopify offer a service for saving images that customers can upload and is it a free or paid for service?

If not, I presume I need to obtain my own external service to save the image. So when a customers uploads the image on the product page, an AJAX/XMLHttpRequest is sent to my external server with the image and then is saved. The URL from the server is then saved locally.
Then I need to pass the image reference to the Shopify order as a new line item, where it will be available for the store admin to access... which is basically an image reference to the external service.

Does this sound correct?