customise collection pages layout

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I would like to changge the layout of the grid style on my collection pages 

At the moment it shows one product after the other or 2 next to each other 

I would like to customise to show the same as 

They have one large image then below 2 images next to each other then one large image below and so on 

I would like to change all pages to this style  

First set of images is zara collection page style the second load of images are how my current collection pages style 

Screenshot_20200922-002447_Samsung Internet.jpg

Screenshot_20200922-002455_Samsung Internet.jpg

Screenshot_20200922-002501_Samsung Internet.jpg


Screenshot_20200922-002522_Samsung Internet.jpg

Screenshot_20200922-002417_Samsung Internet.jpg

Updating Media

Screenshot_20200922-002412_Samsung Internet.jpg