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this subject is related to problems other customer had before, but it look likes the code of the theme has changed recently, and I think the solution to my problem can be fixed easely, but I did not found the solution on the forum yet... 

But cause i'm a noob (and french (baguette...)), I can't find the solution myself, and I can't afford more expenses anymore.


On the product page, when you are on a large screen, the thumbnails in the slider below the picture of the product show all the thumbnails possible, like this. Capture d’écran 2020-11-20 à 17.39.21.png

(I made the transformation to have the description of the production full wide, so it's kind of ugly and move the description down...)


What I want is to force the thumbnails to act like the slider you have when you are on a smaler screen.


Capture d’écran 2020-11-20 à 17.41.34.png

Please, do anyone have a solution ? I tryed to look at css, but I'm felling it's something to do with a js event...


Thanks everyone, stay safe !