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i deleted some theme codes on my custom theme which caused my website to not be efficient. i called myself trying to speed up my website speed because it was really low and i ended up deleting a bunch of codes i shouldnt have deleted. i dont know if i went into templates, sections, or snippets and i then erased everything that had the app names which i previously deleted such as hulk app, yotpo, and judge me. is there anyway the codes that i have deleted can be reinstated?

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If you haven't deleted the file itself, you can navigate to the file name and click on Older versions. Select the original file version and it should restore back all the code.

Screenshot 2021-04-25 at 11.51.51 pm.png


In future, you should always take a backup before making any modifications to the code.

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Hi @sjb1

Did you delete the file template? If you just remove code on those files. You can back up the base version of the file. You can refer to this link:

But if you deleted those files. You can not back up. So I suggest when you change anything on your site, you should already backup your theme.

Hope this helps.

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