dropdown cart after i click add to bag button for a product shows the wrong price...

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I have faced a new problem with my theme,  previously I teamed the coding for my website so that the prices shown on the website are  included 19% tax  and on my checkout page the prices are shown without 19% tax because how I had  some problems regarding European and non European customers.

 Now that problem  is fixed due to some changes I made to my liquid  programming files.

 Now the problem that I have is that when I go into a product and I click add to bag button  a pop-up page opens on the top right corner of my website that's shows the new product have been added to my cart the problem is here:

 the price shown on this popup page  is not the price with 19% tax and I need this Christ to be exactly the same as the price the customer sees on the website which is 19% tax included.

 I know that regarding to   solve this problem I have to change this part of coding below  :

snippetes > product-form.liquid > line 116 :
            <p class="product__price">{{{ price_formatted }}}</p>

This ( price_formatted)  needs to be changed but I don't know where to change it and if I replace this part with my formula for adding 19% tax   it breaks the entire process and when I click on the add to bag button it doesn't work at all so please help me  where should I change this price_formatted.





What you are describing sounds like an ajax cart. Most ajax carts are built with javascript.


Dealt with this problem many of times, so it can be done. But, it takes a lot of finesse and knowledge of javascript to get working.


Likely would be in your theme.js or something equivalent.

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thanks for your reply dear 

yeas as you mentioned it was a problem according my theme.js and i solved it myself 

 just needed to change one single function .

 every thing is great now 

 appreciate the concern