glTF 3D Model in Shopify's Product Viewer is too bright - can the lighting be adjusted?

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I have a glTF 3D model of one of my products, and the colors are accurate using several online glTF viewers that I tried.

But Shopify's produces the image too bright, so the gray product looks white, and the black emblem looks gray.

Can the brightness/lighting of the 3D model viewer be adjusted, like it can for most other 3D model viewers that are found online?

I don't want to give customers an inaccurate depiction of what the product will look like.


Hi @able36 

If you aren't able to modify the Base Color channels on your 3D model yourself - I would recommend trying the levAR Shopify plugin to preview your glTF model - our viewer was custom built with color accuracy in mind - take a look at some models in our viewer here. We also support augmented reality on all mobile platforms!

Feel free to DM me or reach out if you need further assistance. 



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