help with venture's thumbnail drop down menu

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hi everyone,

looking forward to receiving help from the community.  

we are currently building our site using the venture theme.  i really like the thumbnail drop down menu which is working great for the collections.  

i am coming unstuck however in doing something similar for the "about" part of the site because it is not part of a collection but rather just a series of pages that i wanted under that heading, i can't seem to add it to the menu.  

the amazing Partake foods (  seems to have managed it with the "Our Story" part of their site so i wondered what i have to do to do the same on mine.  at the moment that information is nestled at the bottom but i really feel it's important to my brand so i would love to find a way that it can be at the top where my customers can read about our values. 

any suggestion would be gratefully received.  

thank you.