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I have two problems.
- the first one is that I created all my collections and I put them in the main menu. but when I click on the collections in the main menu, no article appears.
-the second is an error message that I receive when I click on my products located in the "featured collection"
Here is the error message: "HTML error detected
Broken HTML code was detected in the sections / product-template.liquid file
of your theme. Check that there are no missing or additional HTML tags.
If you haven't made any changes to this code, contact support
for help with this problem. "
I really need help because it's been over two days since I tried everything without success
best regards


My suggestion is to revert back to the original theme!

Or revert back just the file in question:

Go to Admin > Online store > Themes > Actions > Edit code
Search for `product-template.liquid` > Open

Now click on `older versions` and revert back to a version where the problems doesn't show up.


Screenshot 2020-10-24 at 01.30.50.png

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