hide prices of products in a collection?

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It has to be the correct collection handle, I cant really be sure unless I knew what it was. You can echo it out on the page by putting:

{{ collection.handle }}

Then after you find out what that is, replace whats in quotes in the unless statement 

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I try several things again but it still won't work..... Am I doing something wrong? I said what you did and Im only changing the text with "your-collection".... Do you maybe have an other solution or the full code for it? Or can you help me maybe on an other way? Hope you can help me out..!

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Hi everyone, 

I managed to hide the prices on my site following the instructions in this link (I'm no developer so couldn't follow the instructions on this thread...I'm just not clever enough lol). For anyone like me this was easy. Hide product prices (shopify.dev)

Hope that helps.