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I am trying to hide the pricing unless a customer is logged in.   I found some other topics on this but still having issues on hiding the product.  The code I found to add but i need to alter is:


{% if customer %}
<span id="productPrice-{{ section.id }}" class="h1">
{% include 'price' with variant.price %}
{% endif %}



The pricing section on my template is:


<!-- pricing -->
<span class="sold_out hidden">{{ 'Sold Out' }}</span>
<span class="was_price money hidden">
<span class="current_price money">
{% if section.settings.display_savings %}
<span class="sale savings" style="display: none;">
{{ 'products.product.savings' | t }} <span class="save_percentage"></span> (<span class="money save_amount"></span>)
{% endif %}
<!-- end pricing -->



Are there any suggestions on how to alter the added code to hide the pricing.





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use an if statement with the customer object:


{% if customer %}

//pricing code

{% else %}

//whever you want to show everyone who isnt a customer

{% endif %}
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