hiding add to cart for non log in customer

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Hi all,


Sorry if this have been answered before but I cant find it.

I managed to hide pricing for non log in customer but if they add item to card they can still see the pricing.

So what I want to do is hide the "add to cart" button for non log in customer so they cant see the pricing in the card.

Please help, thanks.

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Hi @biolase 

If you want to hide add to cart button form product page then you have to follow this:

1. Go to Section->product-template.liquid file and find name="add" (that's your add to cart button) now add condition like this:

{% if customer %}
 //Add your existing add to cart code here
{% endif %}

So now add to cart button only show if user login. If you want to do on collection page then you have to do same in Snippet->product-grid.liquid or Snippet->product-cart.liquid

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