how to add hotjar tracking code to product and checkout pages to create a funnel.

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Hi Everyone.

I've recently started using hotjar, which is great. I've tried making a funnel, but can't seem to add the tracking code to the product and check-out pages. Where do I do that? I've added the tracking code to theme.liquid, which is working for the heatmaps.

My store is using the shopify pop theme.

Sincerely hope someone can help me here!

Thanks! Philip

Shopify Staff
Shopify Staff
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Hi Philip,

Ruairi from Shopify here :)

To add code to the product page in the Pop theme, you can add it to the file called 'product.liquid'. This is the template for the product pages displayed on your site.

Code can also be added to the Order Status page, which is displayed at the end of the checkout process. To add code there, you need to place it in the 'Additional content & scripts' field on the Checkout Settings page: the

- Ruairi

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Ruairi, but how would I get to track the complete checkout funnel with Hotjar? I contacted their support and they suggested to use javascript as checkout pages are virtual. But honestly speaking, no idea what they talk about.

Can you help? 


The checkout funnel of Shopify cannot be accurately tracked in HotJar or any software that relies on real URL structures. Shopify's URL structures can be the exact same for different steps of the checkout process.

You can collect the exact same data within Google Analytics goals. It works because of virtual page view information (as opposed to the actual URL you see in the address bar) sent through to Google Analytics.

You'll get more insight than you would otherwise with HotJar like entrances and exit locations and percentages. Learn how in another forum answer I provided:

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