how to better my theme?

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i need help making my store look good for the customers,

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Hello! There are several things you can do with the design of your Shopify store. I'll list only a few of them:

- customize website design as much as it's possible within Shopify

- change your homepage layout, make it e-commerce oriented

- clarify CTAs

- create several catching things to attract customers, since the store looks a bit simple.

- add customer reviews on product pages

- add bestsellers and related products

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Hi @TheStripesInMe,


Your shop and products are looking good.


From a conversion perspective, I would be looking to focus in on what you are actually selling. With clothing, more so than many other products, you are selling a brand, and a way for people to align themselves with brand values. People who buy Nike trainers often want to be like the athletes who wear them in some way. People wear Ralph Lauren polo-shirts because they like what the logo says about them.


From that perspective, I'm not sure from your website whether your clothing is to be worn by those taking part in Taekwondo, or if it's something they would wear away from that activity to let people know of their allegiance/passion.


Hope that helps - Gareth 


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