iPad Pro 2020 12.9inch with Magic keyboard to build Shopify store from scratch

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Has anyone out there built a shopify store from scratch using an iPad Pro? I like the convenience of a tablet and with the magic keyboard it does mimic a laptop.  I bought this combo a few days ago...so I could easily return it for a MacBook Air.   For those who have used an iPad to build a shopify store....were there any limitations? Was it easy?  I would try using the desktop version on Safari instead of the app

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Hi @Bmin, welcome to the Community Forums!

That's a great question. While I haven't built my own store, I do a lot of work with installing apps on other peoples stores and customising their themes. I have an 2020 iPad Air that I use with a Logitech Keyboard, and a 2016 MacBook Pro for my main dev work.

It really depends on how much you are going to do 'from scratch'. If its just adding items and editing an existing theme with not a lot of code, you should be fine. If you are going to do a lot of in-depth theme customisation you might run into some limitations with viewing the source code of websites in browsers. You can't get access to the full Chrome Dev tools, so sometimes debugging is quite difficult. 

There's a couple of non-app tools for that:


and https://dev.to/dev0x0/using-google-chrome-console-on-any-mobile-device-9ec

And you could probably do some more digging for an app that might do it all for you, but I haven't seen on.

Bottom Line: For general shop set up it should be ok, but for anything involving coding it might get a bit annoying.

If your alternative is a MacBook Air, that is a fantastic laptop right now and worth the money and probably can't go too wrong. 


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@BStubbs Thanks for the feedback.  Very insightful! I’m not at all a web developer so I was probably going to use one of the themes provided by Shopify.  So I’ll probably keep the iPad unless someone out there can talk me into returning it.  Thanks again for your response