image / slider based on customer tag

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I am looking for a solution for the following scenario:

Background: I am using the LockSmith app in order to show certain products and collections to certain customers and based on customer tagging. 

My Inquiry: is there a way to control a slider section and / or an image section in home page so that only the relevant slider and / or image will be shown to a customer based on the customer's tag?

For example: my store includes products A + B + C, customer A is prompted to log-in when entering the store (using LockSmith), customer A is tagged as "company's A employee, customer A can only see product A (he will not see products B or C). What I am also trying to achieve is that this customer will also see a slider or image saying: something about company A + some images relating to company A.

Is ot possible using any app and / or coding?

The only thing I saw was this post:

I am looking for something that will go into homepage as a separate section - rather than as a new "dynamic" page.

Best, LH