limit the breadcrumbs to main collections from navigation bar

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Hello everyone,

I had a problem with breadcrumbs because those weren't directed to collections.
I've managed using for loop etc with limit to 1 - because many of the products are in more than one collection -and all of those collections were visible in breadcrumbs. (that was wrong)
this is the code: (and that code shows one collection - which is good)



    {% for collection in product.collections limit:1%} 
    {% if collection.title != "Home page" %} 
      <span aria-hidden="true" class="separator"><i class="la la-angle-right" aria-hidden="true"></i></span>
      <a href="{{ collection.url  }}" title="{{ collection.title }}">  {{ collection.title  }}</a>
     {% endif %} 
     {% endfor %} 




Because for loop is limited to 1 collection, how can I set up the breadcrumb collection that is on the main collection from navigation bar?
For example here: product is shows collection: BEDROOM CEILING LIGHTS, but it should be collection: PENDANTS, and direct back to pendants 

All 7 main collections are below LIGHTING category on navigation bar.

I think I need an if statement, which will squeeze down all the  product collections to only 7, and then display one - the right one.

e.g: this products works perfect: floor lamp or chandelier 

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Shopify has no collection hierarchy, which means that all collections are treated equally in Shopify, so I guess you can not set your main collection to be displayed on the breadcrumbs. 

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