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I want to move my existing website which is developed in magento 2 to shopify,may i know the procedure and important note how to contact support team 

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Hi @Suryaashok!

You can migrate Magento 2 to Shopify in 3 ways: manual migration, hiring an expert, and using a migration tool.

1. Manual migration: Export data from Magento and import them to Shopify. However, bear in mind Shopify allows importing products, customers and orders, Magento only allows to export products and customers, which means other data like categories, variants, attributes, additional images, etc. are left behind and you have to manually copy and paste them, which takes endless time to complete.

2. Hiring a developer/ agency: This is just as easy as it sounds. But, the cost for this professional help is quite pricy, varies from $50 to $80 per hour. If you can afford the price, go ahead!

3. Using the migration tool: If these two above-mentioned methods are not suitable for you then the last one might be the optimal solution. The migration tool will transfer your data automatically and safely between 2 eCommerce platforms. No technical skill is required and the migration process only lasts for a few hours. If you are considering this method, you can refer to LitExtension for help. We are the leading company in this field with 98% of customer satisfaction on Trustpilot. 

The procedure contains only 3 steps:

Step 1. Fill in the information of your two stores.

Step 2. Select the entities you want to migrate

Step 3. Configure the migration

For further assistance, please visit our website and contact our support team via live chat right now!

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